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Found 215 results

  1. Katia Sae began her quest to explore all of New Eden starting from Saisio III on December 1 of YC111 and came full circle back to Saisio on March 9 of YC121 after having explored every known-space and wormhole system that can be reached – all without a single ship loss. To honor this achievement, a new monument has been erected in the Saisio system by the Achura Stargazers Society. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  2. The April release will include the next highly anticipated step in the war declarations revamp: the removal of neutral assistance from highsec wars. CONCORD and the Crimewatch system will now prevent third parties from interfering in war combat through remote repair and command bursts. As always, Safety Settings at either yellow or green will ensure that logistics pilots avoid any unwanted CONCORD entanglements. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Sub-Capital Balance

    Also coming this spring is a hefty set of sub-capital changes aimed at giving new life to laser platforms as well as some small adjustments for a few of EVE’s biggest performers. Medium Beam Lasers receive increased ranges, as well an increase in large energy turret damage for the Abaddon. And the Harbinger, Cyclone, Caracal Navy Issue, Vexor Navy Issue, Gila, Ferox, and Corax all receive a balance pass increasing their effectiveness for some ships, while decreasing effectiveness for others. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Capital Balance

    Several balance changes will be coming in this April release targeted towards Capital Ship operations. High Angle Weaponry damage application from Titans is halved. Fighter damage application against all smaller targets is also reduced. The Networked Sensor Array will now disallow ship warp while it is active. And Ship Insurance prices have been adjusted reducing payouts also affecting standard capital ships and supercarriers. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Remote Repair Changes

    In the April release, we are introducing a new system for all remote repair and remote capacitor transfer modules which will reduce their effectiveness as more are used on the same target. This change is designed to promote more destruction in EVE’s largest battles where capital and super-capital defensive capabilities have been extremely strong. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  6. Alton Haveri reports on the Triglavian Collective's takeover of New Eden's billboards. The cryptic, looping message which is delivered by "Zorya Triglav" has raised many questions for analysts, with CONCORD now being urged to reveal all of their findings about the Triglavian Collective and their intentions. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  7. The good people behind Evesterdam have laid a solid foundation and made Amsterdam one of the world's party capitals. A keynote presentation will kick off the tour and give insight into what lies ahead for EVE. Players and developers will speak, do battle in spaceships and of course explore the (appropriate) Amsterdam nightlife. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  8. We are committed to our ongoing fight against botting and real money trading in New Eden. As part of the fight against abuse of Alpha accounts by those involved in botting and real money trading, we are making changes to access to level 4 and 5 missions. These changes are coming in the March release and will mean that level 4 and 5 missions will now only be available to users with Omega status. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Skills on Demand

    We are happy to introduce changes to a system that absolutely every pilot in New Eden utilizes on a regular basis - the skill training system. These changes are aimed at simplifying the flow for new players but will also make obtaining and training skills easier for everyone. All core skills will now be purchasable directly from the character sheet for ISK. Rare skills that are not seeded on the market and are only available through the completion of in game content will continue to be available through the market. This new system will make sure that the old core mechanics of seeding and injection remain in place. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  10. The March release will include important fixes aimed at closing loopholes that allow players to gain short-term immunity from certain war declarations. Closing these loopholes will be especially helpful for players fighting large-scale wars over high value highsec assets. Three such fixes will be deployed with the March release, which are covered in detail in our dev blog. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  11. The Eros Blossom SKINs return for a limited time during the Guardian's Gala in-game event, and are now extended to 12 more ships including the massive Supercapitals! Act fast as they are only available in EVE's New Eden Store until 11:00 UTC on 26 February! Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    More Little Things!

    With the February release, the focus is once again on providing quality of life improvement and fixes as we head toward larger things in the spring! Many tweaks are incoming with this Release, including the ability to share broadcast settings and overview filters, as well as the abiity to copy current industry jobs lists. Improvements are also coming to finding items in your personal assets, as well as the addition of a hitpoint percentage display for drones. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Guardian's Gala

    Last year, the Guardian's Gala was once again attacked by opportunistic capsuleers. This time around the Angel Cartel are back, more prepared than ever to ward off the inevitable assault. Otuwiri and Khaitetha have sworn vengeance on the capsuleers after last year's humilation and will be laying in wait for unsuspecting pilots who think they can make a quick few kredits by crashing the party. Enjoy new challenges, visuals and content in the Guardian's Gala which will be live in-game from Feb 12th through to February 25th. The Guardian's Gala rewards you with exclusive items available only by playing and completing the event, either through the Agency reward track or the new item trading function at special event structures called Paradise Clubs. Trade in a Gala ticket, specified ISK cost and Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls in exchange for Guardian's Gala Surprise Gifts featuring exclusive rewards! Get rare exclusive Domination, Shadow Serpentis and Deadspace modules, as well as the returning Spirit SKINs, Inquest Hedone and Eros implants. You can also get the Amaranthine Mantle SKINs, Facial Augmentations, Boosters and Cerebral Accelerators as a reward for completing objectives and racking up those Agency points. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Warp In Desync Fix

    As part of the January release, we'll be deploying a fix to resolve the defect that was causing visual desync for our pilots when exiting warp. We're fully aware that this was causing substantial concern for many of our pilots across a wide range of roles, and are happy to confirm that this will be resolved with the deployment of the January release! Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  15. With this release, the Activity Tracker will see further updates and optimizations that improve usability, including relocating the whole feature to a window rather than filling the screen, making it easier to view while in space. Pilots will also benefit from improved navigation controls, additional tracking and improved tool tips. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  16. Everyone loves turning glorious space boulders into ravaged husks of their former selves, and with this release there'll be a new effect to go along with it that our rock-chewing pilots will be able to enjoy! The addition of this effect marks the start of the introduction of this kind of visual feedback for all manner of objects in space, with more effects to be added in future releases after this initial test. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Winter Dev Caravan

    The Winter Caravan, led by EVE Online streamer Bjorn Bee and featuring a fleet of EVE developers, came across a number of formidable player fleets and had a real fight on their hands! Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  18. Alton Haveri reports on the destruction of Fort Knox, the first fully operational Keepstar citadel in New Eden. The besieged structure in the wormhole system known as Rage finally had its defenses breached and underwent a spectacular demise. In other news, Minmatar forces have been taking up positions near jump gates that border Amarr Empire systems, enforcing a blockade. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  19. The new Yoiul Festival YC121 SKINs are now available in EVE Online's New Eden Store for a range of ships, but only until 8 Jan 2019, so embrace the holiday spirit and decorate your craft accordingly! Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    13 Days of EVE

    The holiday season is a time for gift-giving, so log in to EVE Online regularly during the 13 Days of EVE campaign and get free rewards as an Alpha or an Omega! Celebrate the festive period with EVE between 11 Dec and 28 Dec and enjoy your presents! Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Operation Permafrost

    A mysterious third party has contracted The Agency to disrupt the operations of Outer Ring Excavations over the course of the winter. For the first time ever, capsuleer vessels will graze the atmosphere of planets in New Eden, venturing into low orbit installations that offer challenges and activities of all types that range from mining and gas harvesting to combat and hacking. Resources and loot from these installations can then be used to build all manner of new and useful hardware, so be sure to venture in and grab what you can to reap the rewards of Operation Permafrost! Operation Permafrost will run from December 18th through to January 2nd. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    Auroras on Planets

    With the December release, new stunning visual improvements to planets are bringing auroras to New Eden for capsuleers across the cluster to enjoy. They may be rare though, so be sure to join in on the hunt to witness them! Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
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    The Agency - Redesign

    In 2019, pilots will benefit from an overhaul of The Agency that will put more clear and concise information at their fingertips, allowing easier access to a wide range of content in New Eden. Look out for a dev blog in the coming months for more details on changes coming to The Agency! Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  24. The December release will see the first iterations on balance to war declarations, with further tweaks to come in early 2019. Part one focuses on ensuring that corporations will only be vulnerable to war declarations if they have certain assets in space – either an Upwell Structure, a Starbase or a Customs Office. Several other small tweaks to the war declaration system will also be included in the December release. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen
  25. To round off this year's additions to the Triglavian ship tree, the December release will see the introduction of the Rodiva class tech I cruiser and its tech II counterpart, the Zarmazd class logistics cruiser. These two hulls will benefit from an all new Triglavian themed remote repair module designed around the same weapons characteristics as the Triglavian Entropic Disintegrator. Gesamten Artikel anzeigen